Spin to Win WordPress and e-commerce: the power of gamification.

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How to increase sales in WooCommerce and Shopify with Spin to Win and OptinMonster

Do you have a Shopify e-commerce or a website with WooCommerce? Do you want to increase your customer engagement and generate more sales? As you probably know, if you reduce the cart abandonment rates and keep the visitors longer on your website, you can make a huge difference in sales and lead generation.

Many e-commerce studies show that most consumers (about 70%) who abandon a shopping cart page of e-commerce will never return to that site again to complete the purchase. The solution?
Fortunately, some systems today reduce the cart abandonment rate. One of the most effective and not very popular methods is the Spin to Win E-commerce with a coupon wheel. How does it work?

Boost Engagement with Spin to Win Optin in WordPress: the power of gamification.

Gamification is a practice that can bring exciting results in terms of sales and/or customer loyalty. The advantage of gamification is truly remarkable. Indeed, it replaces some even boring or repetitive actions that we do in everyday life with playful activities that become more engaging and stimulating.

But what does gamification have to do with e-commerce websites? A lot. For some years, game dynamics have been implemented in non-gaming sectors, such as e-commerce, to acquire new customers and improve customer retention and loyalty.

For example, did you know that if you have a WooCommerce or Shopify e-commerce, thanks to gamification, you can increase conversions up to 40% just by activating one of these game options, such as the “Spin to Win”?

What is Spin to Win Optin, and how it helps e-commerce to sell more

As we have seen so far, engaging users with a game could obtain more online sales and build customer loyalty. Let’s see what “Spin to Win” is and how this option can be activated on WordPress sites, WooCommerce, and Shopify e-commerce.

First, Spin to Win is a nice and colorful “Wheel of Fortune” that appears strategically on your website as a pop-up. This “Wheel of Fortune” anticipates the user’s action of abandoning a website (the so-called “Exit Intent”) to keep him longer on the site and complete the game, for example, trying to win a discount voucher.

Exit Intent is determined in the following way: after users have navigated through the site, viewed products, and potentially added a selection to their cart, they might carry out a distinct action. This could be moving their mouse toward the browser’s search bar to conduct alternate actions, like leaving the site. The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ feature is activated the exact moment they initiate this action.

How to activate the Spin to Win Optin in WordPress with OptinMonster

From a technical point of view, organizing these online games may seem complicated for those who are not developers. But the good news is that OptinMonster takes care of everything, making it a matter of a few clicks!

OptinMonster is the best WordPress plugin for lead generation, a powerful tool that makes a difference by increasing conversions and sales.

This plugin represents the best solution if you are looking to reduce the abandonment rate and increase sales. So, what are you waiting for?
If you want to activate the “Spin to Win” on your e-commerce, let’s visit the OptinMonster site and buy the Growth license, the only plan that allows you to create the coupon wheel and activate gamification on your site.

Activating Spin to Win Optin with OptinMonster in WordPress

Once you have purchased the OptinMonster Growth plan and installed the plugin on your WordPress site, you can connect your account and create a new campaign.
At the campaign level, select the “Full Page” option: the discount wheel will appear all over the page and integrate perfectly with the layout of your e-commerce site.
As shown in the image below, you can choose the type of “Spin to Win” discount wheel that best suits the colors of your site (green, blue, and red). You can customize colors later, as well.

customize wheel coupon spin to win OptinMonster eCommerce

If you wish, you can also choose a name for your e-commerce gamification campaign to differentiate it from the others and better track the results. Moreover, you can select a website where the campaign has to be activated and shown.

The campaign builder interface is where you can configure your Coupon and Discount Wheel options. You can change the standard message that appears to the user in the editor. An example? “Hey, it’s your lucky day! Spin the wheel and win a dedicated discount“. This message is irresistible!

Of course, you also have to decide what kind of prizes or discounts to offer to your users and configure the wheel defining discount code names. More info here

As mentioned, you can customize the wheel further by adding your site’s logo or an image of your choice. Beyond that, you can modify the background by incorporating different shades, colors, and gradients.

How to easily configure the Spin to Win e-commerce

After customizing, configure the OptinMonster plugin to ensure the discount wheel appears only on relevant pages and responds to user behavior. For example, a typical configuration of the Spin to Win e-commerce is to display the coupon wheel on the checkout page with the “exit intent option” activated.

OptinMonster uses the OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent® Technology. This can accurately identify when the user is leaving the site and anticipate their moves.
In this way, the wheel’s game will be shown in your Woocommerce or Shopify e-commerce to all users who are about to leave the site. The result? A decrease in the cart abandonment rate.

Another interesting way to use the Spin to Win coupon wheel in your WordPress site is to select the Timing option. This helps to indicate a specific date or time interval. The “wheel of fortune” will be shown on the exact day, perhaps during an event or special promotion. Get OptinMonster now

Integrate OptinMonster’s Spin To Win with email marketing services

One of the final steps to perfectly activate the Spin To Win for WordPress with OptinMonster is to integrate this solution with the email marketing service provider by choosing it from the list available within the dashboard.
OptinMonster is compatible with the main email marketing platforms, such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, MailPoet, AWeber, HubSpot, and many other services.

For greater control over the campaign’s progress and statistics, it is also possible to connect Google Analytics. The last step is to select the “Live” option, and the discount wheel game will automatically activate on your e-commerce or blog, allowing users to play and win on your site while you increase sales and newsletter subscriptions.

Are you ready to discover the power of gamification? All you have to do is activate OptinMonster and increase your e-commerce conversions!

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