How to Easily Use Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics

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Do you have a blog or an eCommerce site, and you’re wondering how to monitor traffic sources more effectively with Google Analytics? Probably, every website’s owner makes statistical analysis to determine the number of people who visit his site. And for sure, anyone with a site wants to know more precisely where visitors are coming from. Knowing this can improve the targeting of specific keywords and advertisements and make your marketing campaigns better to meet users’ needs.

Understanding where your site’s traffic originates can bolster your content customization efforts for the right audience. It also aids you in refining your online marketing strategies. These activities, as you might surmise, are crucial for making more effective choices. They allow for accurate measurements of your actions. Moreover, they provide insights into how to allocate your resources and budget efficiently.

When you own a website or an online store, you must follow numerous activities to meet your objectives. The whole purpose of having an online presence is to reach more people and get new clients or customers. Therefore, it is essential to have services that offer detailed, user-friendly statistics in real-time.

In this post, we see how to monitor traffic sources in Google Analytics with MonsterInsights easily. This WordPress plugin collects visitor data through Google Analytics and allows you to display it directly in your site’s dashboard (Lead Source Tracking).

Why monitor traffic sources in Google Analytics

Each visitor to your site generates valuable data. Without this data, understanding your visitors becomes a challenge. For that reason, any site owner who wants to increase traffic and convert more needs to know who their audience is and how they are using their services.

Here is where Google Analytics comes in. You can get a lot of information from Google Analytics, but one of the most important is how your users find and use your website.

Inbound marketers always try to strengthen their understanding of website visitors (the person) and traffic sources (the how), where they are coming from geographically, and what channels they use. All this information is useful for conveying more targeted messages through advertising campaigns designed specifically for your target audience. Also, through the analysis of traffic sources, those who have a blog or an online store can measure a campaign and decide to implement a strategy that focuses more on certain channels to get more results from a specific audience.

For bloggers, keeping an eye on traffic sources is crucial. It aids in planning an effective editorial strategy tailored around users’ interests from specific channels. It also helps in deciding on new content and topics. Such analyses are paramount to spotting gaps on your site. Moreover, they can assist in identifying ineffective channels and refining your activities for better results. Relying on a single traffic source is never advisable. Diversification is key. It’s vital to attract new user niches to broaden your horizons continually.

Why use MonsterInsights to monitor traffic sources in Google Analytics

Many users find using Google Analytics complicated and confusing. They think the settings aren’t that intuitive. It’s not always easy to identify just the data you need to make quick and effective decisions. So, if you don’t have much time and want great results, you can rely on MonsterInsights, which is considered the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

This tool’s strength is that it integrates directly with Google Analytics, bringing data, analysis, and reports directly into the WordPress dashboard. This way, it makes any insight faster. From the control panel, you can configure measurement campaigns, and for each of these, you can see real-time results, including how your visitors interact with your content.

How to install MonsterInsights and Lead Source Tracking

MonsterInsights can be installed in just five minutes. Right out of the box, you can monitor your traffic sources in Google Analytics.

You can find out more in this video.

With MonsterInsights, you can get intuitive overviews of all kinds of reports. For example, if you want to know more about your website or online store’s overall performance, you can access the Insights panel. This provides an overview of the reports. Similarly, if you want to know what devices your users use when they visit your site, you can explore the Device Breakdown section.

Mobile Device Breakdown in the MonsterInsights dashboard

Lead Source Tracking: Countries and Traffic

You can also identify which countries are getting the most traffic and, in this way, evaluate whether to translate areas of the site, offer specific content, or create targeted campaigns for each country.

identify traffic sources countries plugin MonsterInsights WordPress

Having numerous metrics at your disposal allows you to analyze the Top 10 Referrals, identifying the sites generating the most traffic. With this information, you can form partnerships with these significant traffic sources. Alternatively, you can offer them compensation through referral or affiliate programs.

On the other hand, the Search Console Report gives you an overview of the organic traffic and the most popular keywords used by users visiting your site. In this report, you can discover clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through rate), and average site position for each search keyword. This tool is handy for planning new content and developing existing content, thus increasing organic traffic.

search console reports WordPress MonsterInsights google analytics

In this section, you can also explore traffic statistics and reports in real time. This feature is advantageous for eCommerce store owners looking to comprehend which traffic segments have better conversion rates and gauge the success of their campaigns. After identifying the main sources of conversion, you can decide to target these high-performing segments with exclusive promotions. This approach also aids in enhancing the user experience.

Of course, you can analyze and monitor your website’s traffic sources on Google Analytics as well. But each time, you must leave the WordPress dashboard and go to the Google Analytics one. The steps to find the traffic report on GA after a while become more evident, but with MonsterInsights, you can save time and see stats without leaving the blog dashboard. This will allow you to spend more time adding content and less time manipulating data and gathering statistics.

MonsterInsights pricing and plans

MonsterInsights licenses with Lead Source Tracking start at $99 per year (50% off). The Plus plan is tailored for blogs, small businesses, and publishers. It aims to improve their online performance and facilitate business growth, including Lead Source Tracking.

The Pro and Agency plans are dedicated to eCommerce sites, agencies, and large projects requiring more advanced monitoring and first-class support. See all plans