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Do you have a website or an online store and want to improve and personalize the user experience? And most likely, you are also wondering how to increase the conversion rate. One of the best solutions is to start using the Smart Tags designed by OptinMonster.

OptinMonster is the most powerful lead-generation tool for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, and small businesses. Over 1 million websites use this plugin for WordPress, and it comes with several smart features that help site owners build opt-in forms, popups, A/B tests, and landing pages that convert. Also, it has proven stats plus various templates and is very easy to use.

At the same time, OptinMonster supports you in building a database of potential customers. And it’s also able to identify your users every time they visit your website to offer them a personalized user experience. How? Through Smart Tags. Let’s understand how they work and why they are so important.

Why Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

A lead generation campaign is essential to your business and marketing strategy, and Optinmonster is an excellent tool for your online campaigns. You should choose this software for campaigns for many good reasons, and it is not surprising that experts highly recommend it.

Website and eCommerce owners know the value of personalizing the user experience. Unfortunately, they often don’t emphasize this aspect properly for many reasons (above all, connected to time and cost). However, the more direct a message is, the more engaged a user feels. Indeed, it is known that greater involvement reduces the cart abandonment rate with positive consequences on the conversion rate.

But how do smart tags work? Smart Tags are dynamic and intelligent content that captures users’ attention, keeps visitors longer on your website, encourages interactions, and proposes the right message at the right time. They created an experience based on personalized dialogue between users and online stores.

Moreover, OptinMonster’s Smart Tags feature makes it easy to personalize campaigns by offering dynamic content displayed as custom text to visitors. This content is quickly and easily integrated through a drag-and-drop popup generator and changes based on the user. Learn More here

Some of the most intuitive fields to implement Smart Tags with OptinMonster include the user’s name, country, and date. Still, you can use fields designed to leverage interests or based on previously purchased products. Adding tags to your campaign is as easy as you would create custom fields in a newsletter.

How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

Several brands have already started to use this type of automation to increase user engagement and, consequently, generate conversions significantly. Every popup and message has a unique and direct touch, helping users feel more comfortable with the online store or blog. But let’s see now how to add OptinMonster Smart Tags.

How to add Smart Tags with OptinMonster

When creating a campaign with OptinMonster, you can select the default Smart Tags or create your own tags. You can access Smart Tags simply through the { } brackets button and select the Smart Tag you prefer. This will be added to the campaign editor immediately.

The example below demonstrates that the dynamic value will replace the Smart Tag when the campaign goes live.

Easy How To: Use Smart Tags for Dynamic Text Replacement

Smart Tag content is always inside the curly brackets. Here is an example of a visitor’s name {{SMART_TAG_NAME}} to which you can add a default text using the symbol (|) as you can see here: {{SMART_TAG_NAME|DEFAULT_TEXT}}.

Optinmonster offers comprehensive instructions on how to use Smart Tags. The examples and explanations enable you to envision real-world scenarios for swiftly personalizing your campaigns.

For instance, you could add fields your customers already shared in the contact forms, such as name, surname, email, address, and phone number. Alternatively, you can also use Smart Tags linked to the date and time, the name of the campaign, or geographic tags such as the state, city, and region of users.

How To Use Smart Tags for Dynamic Text Replacement

Default Smart Tags are a complete solution for any business, but those who want to explore new creative marketing solutions with OptinMonster will never be disappointed. As an advanced user, you can create Smart Tags based on three different methods of defining custom data: Query Argument, Cookie, and JavaScript Variable. More info

Price plans OptinMonster

OptinMonster plans are designed to meet any need, starting at $9/mo. With a Basic plan, you already have all the essential tools to get more conversions from your existing traffic.

A Plus plan offers more powerful features that help you grow your online business. If you want to run high-conversion marketing campaigns, you can choose the Pro plan.

If you are an agency or a large eCommerce business and want more power for customer acquisition and lead generation, the Growth plan is the solution.

The Smart Tags feature is included starting with the Pro plan. Check out all the plans here.